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Flanery, Michael D.

08/07/1963 ~


  Michael Dennis Flanery unexpectedly passed away Friday, October 8, 2021 at the age of 58 at his home in Midland, Texas. Michael, also known as Mike to many people was born to Roger Dennis Flanery and Frankie Marlene Gibbs on August 7, 1963 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up the oldest of four in League City, Texas. Graduated Clear Creek High School in 1981, taking particular interest in the JROTC program during those years ran by General Bailey. After high school Michael enlisted in the Army serving faithfully and honorably for many years before being honorably discharged. During his service in the army, Mike had the honor of serving as a Reserve Officer for the police department in Leesville, Louisiana while stationed in Ft. Polk.. He then found a love of IT and began a successful career in the field, working through the remainder of his life. Recently Mike had taken a job with his youngest brother Roger being the one to train him, just the other day the two were sitting back laughing about the baby of the crew training the oldest. Mikes siblings Donald, Felicia, and Roger recall sitting at the dinner table taking turns flicking peas at eat other and laughing every time they hit eat other with one and hoping that their parents did not see what they were doing. There are many wonderful memories shared between the siblings that could make all of us laugh but the pea fights stand out to them. They will miss their brother terribly but take comfort in knowing he is likely throwing peas at their parents in Heaven. Michael later moved on to have five kids of his own Brian, Aaron, Jennifer, Patricia, and Shauna. Being a single dad to his children he continuously worked to provide and make sure they had what they needed. Friday nights were designated and pizza and movie nights for them to all be able to hang out, talk about their week, and enjoy each other’s company. His youngest daughter Shauna recalled these nights being her favorite, describing fond memories and laughs. Mike was also known as the “funny” uncle. He always made jokes, and used sarcasm, he was sure to be the laugh of the summers that his nieces and nephews spent over there. As a grandpa Mike adored and loved his grandchildren and thought they were true angels sent from above. He was always present and sure to make sure they all knew how much grandpa loved them. His sister Felicia remembers that Mike was her first protector. As a young boy, Mike felt that it was his duty to protect his baby sister at any cost. And he bravelydid so. She remembers that they were walking home from school, she was 6 and he was8. They were usually picked on by another family’s brother and sister that was much bigger and known as the neighborhood bullies. We decided that if they were going to get taken down that they weren’t going down without a fight one particular afternoon. Once hit, Mike and Lori looked at each other and swung back at the same time breaking both the bullies noses and ran home. After their Dad received from the bullies parents about hospital bills for the two, their Dad sat them down and asked two questions. 1) Did you start it? and 2) Did you finish it? They both replied “No sir, we didn’t startbit and Yes sir, we finished it. They never got in trouble for the incident. Felicia said “my brother didn’t like anyone picking on his baby sister.” I always had my brother’s back. His brother Don remembers “Mike and I used to play war in the pasture behind the house shooting each other with BB guns. We hid the marks from mom.” Michael married Dulce Maria Martinez Gutierrez Flanery of Mexico on December 29, 2016, was the one both could see lasting forever. Michael had truly been in love with Dulce as was she with him. The two spent many wonderful days and night enjoying each other’s company making plans for the future. Happiness and love radiated from the two. When Mike married Dulce he gained another son, Jorge Pablo Martinez. These two shared a special bond. Pablo will miss Mike very much. Howard “bubba” Walthall cherishes many memories with his best friend from their many road trips, years of working together, game related things though he did it because Mike loved it. He loved just being around him in general, having his presence, making jokes with and at each other or at someone else. Howard has spent many years with Mike and enjoying the person he was daily. He does and forever will miss him terribly each and every day. Mike is survived by his wife, Dulce Maria Martinez Gutierrez; his son Brian Flanery; his son Aaron Flanery; his daughter Jennifer Flanery (Phillip Poundstone); his daughter Patricia Flanery; and his daughter Shauna Flanery (Luis Gamez); also his son Jorge Pablo Martinez; his brother Donald Flanery (Jennifer Flanery), his brother Roger Flanery (Billie Flanery) and his sister Felicia Flanery; his grandson Christian Alexander Kekoa Flanery, his grandson Kaiden Shaughn Flanery, his grandson Camren Sevastien Flanery, his grandson Kaileb Titus Flanery, his grandson Collin Matthais Flanery, his grandson Aiden Tyler Marshall, his granddaughter Laurel Katherine Marshall, his grandson Connor Ryan Marshall, his grandson Jayden Giovanni Gamez, his grandson Adrian Alfredo Gamez, his granddaughter Sophia Elizabeth Gamez, his grandson Luis Isaiah Gamez, his niece Candice Estrada (Nathan Estrada), his great nephew Dominick Garcia, his great nephew Kian Cruz Garcia, his great nephew Liam Kai Estrada, his niece Kayla White, his great nephew Ryder Malina, his nephew David Williams, his nephew Justin Noel (Tiffany Noel), his niece Angela Williams, his niece Heather Lilly (Nick Lilly), his great nephew Dylan Lilly, his great nephew Eathan Lilly, his great niece Paige Lilly, his great niece Ember Noel, his great niece Ashlynn Blake Noel, his niece Brittany Knighten (David Knighten), his great niece Alexis Elaine Knighten, his great nephew David Michael Knighten Jr., his niece Katie Ann Lopez Hernandez (Jesus Lopez Hernandez), his great niece Sienna Shea Lopez, his great niece Darci Marlene Edis Lopez, his great niece Evalynn Amelia Lopez, his great nephew Ryker Jesus Myles Lopez, his nephew Nicholas Brian Flanery (Shaylie Flanery), his great niece Raelynn Michelle Flanery, his best friend Howard “Bubba” Walthall and his nephew Justin Williams. Mike also left behind many Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends. Mike was preceded in death by his father Roger Dennis Flanery and his mother Frankie Marlene Gibbs. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.darstfuneralho.wpengine.com for the Flanery family.  

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A visitation will be held for Mr. Flanery on Thursday, October 21 from 10am to 12pm with a funeral service to immediately follow at Darst Funeral Home. Burial will take place at Houston National Cemetery at 2:15pm.

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27 thoughts on “Flanery, Michael D.”

  1. Thanks for all the amazing things you did for us, I’m going to miss you all my entire life. I’m very glad to have you like an uncle. Rest In Peace beautiful angel <33. Yu did amazing things in this world. Love you

  2. Thanks for all the amazing things you did for us, I’m going to miss you all my entire life. I’m very glad to have you like an uncle. Rest In Peace beautiful angel <33. Yu did amazing things in this world. Love you wherever you are now

  3. Lic David Gonzalez Mata

    Reciba nuestro más sentido pésame por el sensible fallecimiento de su Querido Esposo. Dios nuestro Sr. Le pronta resignación a Ud y su apreciable familia.

  4. Dulce María Martínez Gutiérrez

    Mike my great and dear love
    What a cruel blow life has given me, it’s hard to understand God’s designs and I will try to accept them. Since that day my heart stopped beating like yours did, you took away my heart beat with you, my aspirations, my wishes, my thoughts and my whole soul.
    But today and always I shall remain forever grateful with life and God for meeting you in this earthly life. I want to thank you for everything beautiful you gave us and everything you thought Pablo and me.
    This is hard to take in and it will take a long time to heal the void and pain that you left on our souls when you passed away. Your whole family back in Torreón will miss you, your sister Gaby, your brothers Jesus, Enrique, Mauro, Manuel Alejandro, Kike,your nieces and nephews Fátima, Jaime, Perla, Valeria, Vanesa, Rodrigo, Belém, Gibran, Paulet, Arcelia and Janeth.
    When you passed away it left many people with their hearts broken, your son, your brothers, your nephews, friends and without a doubt me.
    This day I have to let you go, so you can fly as high as you have to fly, because I know you are in the arms of God. Now you shall be my angel from heaven.
    You will always be the greatest love of my life, never forget about that because I know you can hear me.
    Like I always used to tell you, I love you to infinity and beyond Michael Flanery Martinez.
    What gives me comfort is to know that one day we will meet again to be together my love.
    Forever your wife Dulce Maria Flanery

  5. Estamos tristes por tu partida, dejas un vacío en nuestros corazones; sin duda te extrañaremos, pero tenemos fe en Dios que te volveremos a ver. Nuestro Dios te ha llamado a su presencia, ve con Dios, te queremos

  6. Jorge Pablo Woo Martínez

    Dear dad.
    I want to thank you for everything you gave us in life. thank you for each of the teachings you left on me. Now that you are not with us, you leave me the position of being the man of the house, but the space that you left can never be covered. You taught me to be strong, never to give up and always look for a solution, and believe me, I will take care of my mother as I always promised. You will always be my dad and I know that when we meet again, we will fulfill all the pending tasks that we have. You’ll always be in my heart.
    Your son Jorge Pablo

  7. Fátima Martínez

    Gracias por el tiempo compartido, por las risas que nunca faltaron, por tu cariño a esta familia, por cuidar y amar a Dulce. Dejas un lugar vacío en nuestra mesa y corazón pero ahora estás con Dios, algún día volveremos a coincidir y reír hasta que seas Mr. tomatoe mientras tanto te extrañaremos y te recordaremos con amor. Vuela alto tío Michael.

  8. Raymundo Martínez

    In the so-little time we knew each other, you treated me and my family the best way you could, but I still needed more time to know about you, you were starting to be a true brother, the best husband my sister could have.
    May you find the light that’ll lead you to true peace and rest in heaven.

  9. Manuel Martínez

    Uncle Mike, I still can’t believe that you’re not with us anymore…
    Everytime the family made a reunion, if you weren’t there, I’d ask my aunt to call you, and while our conversations weren’t long, they were totally meaningful.
    You encouraged me to speak English more and more, and I’m totally grateful for it, but now I can’t thank you anymore…
    I hope you find the rest and peace you deserve, and you watch over my aunt, and over all your family.

  10. Mike gracias por los buenos momentos compartidos, gracias por el amor que entregaste a esta tu familia que siempre te esperaba con los brazos abiertos, tu partida fue tan inesperada para todos que solo nos queda el consuelo de saber que estás descansando en la gloria de Dios. Te queremos mucho vivirás en nuestros corazones y cuidaremos de tu Dulce Maria,sister Gaby como me decías.

  11. Sandra Walthall

    Dear dad.
    I want to thank you for everything you gave us in life. thank you for each of the teachings you left on me. Now that you are not with us, you leave me the position of being the man of the house, but the space that you left can never be covered. You taught me to be strong, never to give up and always look for a solution, and believe me, I will take care of my mother as I always promised. You will always be my dad and I know that when we meet again, we will fulfill all the pending tasks that we have. You’ll always be in my heart.
    Your son Jorge Pablo. We gonna miss you dear big bro Howard and I will always remember you with that smile and your sense of black humor, with your departure you leave us with great sadness, especially Howard, your partner in crime, companions of many adventures, he is going to miss those conversations that you had talking a bit of everything, you leave a very deep pain in the heart of your friend your brother, we’ll see each other again and I’m going to cook Mexican shit for you. lol you know what I’m talking about. We love you and we will always miss you, your sis Sandra.

  12. Major Jesse Estrada (US Army)

    My condolences and prayers for Mike’s family. I remember him from JROTC. He was a good friend and loved to have fun. We had great times and lots of laughs and that includes his sister Felicia. Rest In Peace my friend.

  13. Major Jesse Estrada

    My condolences to Mike’s family. No words can express the loss you are grieving. My prayers for you all. I remember Mike from JROTC where we had lots of laughs and fun learning to play Army. I also remember Felicia as the little sister who Mike protected but tagged along to many events. Rest In Peace my friend.

  14. Dora del Carmen González Arredondo

    Mi más sentido pésame por tan grande perdida q Dios te de una pronta resignación y la fuerza necesaria q necesitas sabes q te queremos mucho y q cuentas con nosotros te mandamos un fuerte abrazo!!

  15. Tio Mike!
    Dios te a llamado a su lado, dejas en nosotros un vacío, se que algún día volveremos a tomar café y platicar cosas muy interesantes, paulette y gibran sienten mucho ya no poder volver a verte, pero les digo que algún día volveremos a estar juntos… ten la seguridad, como siempre me lo pedías, estar al pendiente de mi tia dulce y asi será!!! Besos y abrazos tio… hasta pronto

  16. Linda Shippy Brown

    Our family bonds are strong, rooted in the sisterhood of our mothers, Frankie Marlene and Cleta Faye. The women instilled the importance of enduring love, forgiveness, and commitment among relatives.

    As children, we were brought together often, especially on Saturday afternoons, when we would play in our cousin Flanery’s backyard in Gulf Manor. Remember the stone grill and patio? Visits lasted well into the night, and we were even allowed to stay up late and watch spooky Cool Ghoul movies together. From childhood, on–time spent with Mike has meant adventuresome fun, lots of laughter, and his assuring encouragement to be brave whenever things got scary.

    Our cousins moved away, first to Canton and later to Texas. In the days before cell phones and the internet, the sisters’ families remained in contact with cards, letters, and weekly or monthly phone calls. Our families carried love and concern for each other in our hearts, always.

    As adults, careers and families took us different directions. Mike proudly served the military. With even more pride, he cared for and loved his five children. Reading his novel Dream Paladin (2009), I recognize his love and admiration for family members, in the development of his adventuring characters. Never doubt his love, nor desire for the many people in his life to be happy and successful. Married several times—always with the best of intentions—Mike was a man in love with being in love. In that regard, his life was a lesson in hope. He never gave up hope. Although he could be stern and instructive, most will remember his charm, smile, and intelligence.

    I will remember that Mike brought strength, confidence, and comfort at some of the most difficult times of my own life. When my husband passed; when others struggled to live; when we each lost parents; and most recently when I felt alone, banished back to our home state, by cruel health care policies. He always offered kind, wise words. We were many miles apart, but only a phone call away, any time I have needed him, or any of his siblings. Each, at different times, has served as a strong arm to hold onto; a shoulder to cry upon; a fount of wisdom.

    Love, Encouragement, and Trust is often the best we could provide one another. I’m glad Mike trusted me to store some of his belongings for years. The massive shell-inlaid cabinets and shelves that graced our home for a time were his. They were a back drop to his young children and nieces playing at our house. The holiday celebrations our families shared around that time, were some of the best. Fate made us family. Fun made us friends.

    Looking back, we can see– challenges in childhood drew Frankie and Cleta together, producing legacies of Love. The love siblings share impacts generations. Hence, floral arrangements today bore the messages: Be Still and Know That I Am God; Hope; Love One Another – with the aspiration that Mike’s descendants will carry the lessons onward.

    On page 331 of Dream Paladin, Mike wrote, “He thought about how his ancestors would have been so proud of him.” Mike, this cousin is proud of you. Humbly, you acknowledged shortcomings. Boldly, you always tried to do better. Fully, you embraced and loved life. Happily, you laughed anytime possible. Watch over us all from heaven, till we can be together again.

    My condolences to all.

  17. Oh Michael, our time to get to know each other was cut short. We saw the world thru the same set of eyes and when I think of you, I think of all those conversations that had us both laughing. I will miss you my friend, I’ll see you on the other side.

  18. Can’t believe Michael’s gone. He was always willing to help and work with anyone that asked. One of a kind! He will be missed!!

  19. Samantha Grantham

    Thanks for being a friend sir, you are most certainly missed. I am thinking of your family and sending my deepest condolences.

  20. My sincere Condolences to his family .
    Mike you will be dearly missed , I never met you in person but your professional , kind , and helpful persona came through like a shining light, You became my friend over the years and all the IT calls I placed directly to you because I knew you could get it done ! thank you for your sense of humor your help I knew you were a great person ! I will miss you my friend !

  21. Lendee Robinson CPT USA (R)

    Mike I remember all of out conversations. I always knew you had my six. I will never forget you brother. RIP

  22. My deepest condolences. You will be missed. God gave you your wings early. Your smile will be greatly missed. Have a cup of coffee up there. Food &Nutrition and the coffee
    shop will miss you friend.

  23. Thank you for always being sooo helpful, pleasant/funny and kind when helping me when reaching you for an IT issue. No doubt you are just as great an asset “upstairs” as you were here. RIP Michael, you will be missed.

  24. Prayers and grace for the family of Michael. He was a sharp, quick witted, direct, hilarious and kind coworker. His presence, intelligence and contributions will be missed. I worked with Michael on a variety of work assignments and he was a pleasure.

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