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Day, Jerry L.

09/25/1943 ~


Jerry Day, 77, of Kingwood, passed away March 1st, 2021. He was born in Bellville, Texas on September 25th, 1943 to Eugene Day and Violet Timme. He was a high school principal working at numerous schools in Texas but most recently at New Caney High School before retiring. He had a passion for his work and truly loved his students. He is preceded in death by his parents Eugene Day and Violet Timme. He is survived by his brother Michael Day of Fredericksburg, Virginia, his son Jason Day of Haarlem, Netherlands, his daughter-in-law Sarah Day of Haarlem and his granddaughter Soheila Day of Haarlem.

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A visitation will be held on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Darst Funeral Home in Kingwood, TX.

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30 thoughts on “Day, Jerry L.”

  1. Dennis R Doerge

    My prayers are with the family Jerry was a good friend and we worked together at NCISD when I was the Chief of Police he was a great man and he will be missed.

  2. I worked with Jerry for 14 years. He was a good administrator and a fair man. On my last day at NCHS, I had stayed late to finish up some things and the building was empty. I stopped by his office to tell him goodbye and he walked me to my car and wished me well on my retirement. God man.

  3. Adam Sanderson

    Over the years, I have really grown to appreciate the job he did at New Caney High School, while I was a student there (1985-89). He was truly someone who cared and made a big difference. Thirty five years later, I still remember some of the lessons he tried to pass on to us. In my mind, he stands out above many of the other teachers, administrators, and educators who crossed my path at New Caney ISD. I have nothing but respect for the service that he provided to so many kids like me. My condolences.

  4. Aimmie Jessie Linton

    Mr.Day was principal for many of us here in Porter/NewCaney. He was an amazing principal. Fair, funny, stern, but a great role model for many of us. He will be missed. When I think of high school, Mr.Day is always a part of that memory.

  5. Rosanna Portman-Catson

    I’m sorry so for your lose. Mr.Day was a great man and loved all of his students so much. He wanted us all to excel in life after we walked down that path after high school. He will be dearly missed by a lot of us. R.I.P

  6. Jimmy Stewart

    I’m very sorry for the loss of such a good man! My family is praying for you and yours. Mr. Day was a scary man as a first impression. I needed that! I was young and dumb, but he had the patience, wisdom, and such of a huge heart to sit me down in his office (way too often) and provide guidance that a young man in my position really needed! I have used his harsh, yet genuinely caring words of wisdom in my daily life, and still do to this day! I wish I would have told him how much he helped me! God brought a one of a kind man home, and I bet he’s still an amazing principal with the other angels!!

  7. I met Jerry in August of 2000. He took me and showed me the things that I needed to become an effective Assistant Principal. We worked closely for 3 years. He was dedicated to all the students and tried to treat them as fairly as possible. One thing he would tell students when he had to discipline them, I know more than you think. I know exactly what happened, now you tell me what happened. The main thing that I regret is not keeping in contact with him. The last time I saw Jerry was at his retirement get together. We talked a few times after that. From time to time he would call me at whatever school I worked at, saying “Is this Mr. Spurlin? I don’t appreciate how you disciplined my child.” He would always brighten my day. I thought of him often. He was a great educator. Prayers for his family. You will be missed. I love you, Jerry. Rest In Peace. I’ll see you on the other side.

  8. I meet Jerry in August of 2000. He was my mentor for becoming an Assistant Principal at Nee Caney High. He taught me so much. I have so many fond memories of Jerry. He treated all students and staff with the utmost respect. He had one thing that he would say to students that he had to discuss. “I know what happened, so I will know if you are not telling me the truth. Now tell me what happened. The last time I saw Jerry was at his retirement. We would talk a few more times after that. He would call me in my office at the other schools that I worked at and say, “Is this Mr. Spurlin? I need to talk to you about how you disciplined my child. I don’t like what you did.” Jerry was a great educator. I regret not keeping in contact with him I Love you Jerry. Rest In Peace. I will see you on the other side. My prayers are with the family.

  9. Patricia Musick

    I was fortunate to be an administrator with Jerry at NCHS. He was such a huge support. He truly cared about the students and attended as many events possible to show his support. He wanted to make a difference and I truly enjoyed working with him. I will always consider him a dear friend and I will miss his kidding and friendship greatly. Prayers to his family. Rest In Peace, Jerry!

  10. Johnny L Mcgee

    I have a alot of memories of mr.day as my principal at new caney high he taught me alot of things and he was always there when you need someone to talk to he was always trying to keep the kids of trouble… RIP Mr.Day see you on the other side

  11. RIP Mr Day
    I first met Mr Day when I started working for NCHS back in the early 90’s. He always made me feel at ease, but
    I could never call him Jerry. He was definitely one of a kind and my 3 boys and I will never forget him.
    Until we see you again Mr Day, love you.

  12. Jason, I am deeply saddened by the news of the death of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time. Jerry loved his family, friends and his students. I will always treasure the special memories of Jerry and our times growing up together. He will live on in the lives of all who loved him and in the lives he touched. May your special memories and the love of family and friends comfort you.

  13. Jamie Sauerwein

    I am so glad you made me laugh at Holiday Retirement when I worked their briefly and yes I spent a lot of time in your principal office. GOD’S SPEED, Mr Day

  14. I am very sad to hear this he was a great man just had a hard exterior. It was necessary to deal with all us kid but he truly did care. The was our Summer school teacher the year my husband & I first met; he told me not to waste my time on “that boy” jokingly. He left his wisdom in the minds of many children & well definitely not being forgotten. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  15. Jessica Lsbender-Neuse

    Class of 1992 at New Caney High School. Oh Mr. Day. I can see him walking the halls and can hear his voice talking to students. He made a lasting impression, glad he was my Principal. Sympathy and prayers for the family, .

  16. I was honored to have him as a substitute teacher in English and Health throughout High School. He was a wonderful man. He was my mother Robin Rhodes principal in high school as well. Unfortunately we can not make it to pay our respects but he is and will forever be in our hearts. Rest easy Mr. Day.

  17. Mr. Day, we are going to miss you. I was in his High School 1989-1993. He took the time to care about my future, my choices in life and took the time to talk to me not at me. He was funny at times while being stern as well. I remember one year, Amy Iller and I made him a special tie. Looking at the picture, boy was it ugly. Haha. Puffy pink paint and all, but being the great sport he was….he wore it all day. That’s who he was.

  18. Dawn Johnson-Cormier

    On behalf of all NCHS Alumni, Our thought are with the family in this time. Just know Mr.Day left an impression and fond memories on all of his past students. Thank you

  19. Shawn Cook Burton

    Remembering and so appreciative of a man who dedicated his life to so many childern.I was blessed to be one of the many…Mr.Day always had a special way of making you feel important,heard and most of all understood. I will forever cherish his kindness and love for all of his students…May the angels above wrap their arms around you and make you feel as special as you made us all feel Mr.Day.Praying for your family and loved ones.May they find peace and comfort through our prayers.You are one special man Mr.Day. Thank you for being there when you didn’t have to be…still to this day i often think back on our talks we shared and im sure many others can agree the times you would stop what you were doing and made time for those talks…it would make us feel respected,heard and understood.Even if sometimes the talks ended with you getting a laugh out of us…you were always there for us all.You will forever be missed and loved.

  20. Ann Bordages Tomlinson

    Mr. Day was a great principal. He was always in the hall and talking to us. The halls felt like a safer place with him around. Thank you to his family for sharing him with us for all those years.

  21. Had a unique opportunity to be a student under this guys guidance and then later be a teacher/coach under his guidance. Always steadfast and with great integrity, this man touch the lives of more young people than we can imagine including my own. God bless.

  22. Tracey Wagnon Ivy

    NCHS class of 1990. My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Day. He was a great principal and cared for all students. As an educator, he was a positive influence on so many lives.

  23. Amy Cureton Naverrete

    Mr.Day was always on me about staying away from bad people and staying out of trouble. Back in 1992, Mr. Day helped me get over the death of my boyfriend and helped guide me. He was amazing. In my Junior year I was informed because my home was not fully built. Even though my parents paid school taxes I could not continue to go to NHS. I then had to go to a really bad school, but Mr. Day still guided me and tried to help me. I ended up quitting school and getting me agED. Poor Mr. Day fought for me to go back to NHS to get a proper degree. I always felt like I let him down. But I had to get away from the horrible school. I will never forget the man that was more than a principal. He was a man who cared for all of his students.
    Thank you Mr. Day for all you have done for everyone at NHS.

  24. I worked with Jerry for about 10 years at NCISD and my husband was fortunate enough to work with him for three years at NCHS. He never knew a stranger and enjoyed getting to know people. I’ll never forget the time Jerry, myself, my husband;Jim, and Trish Musick all rode to a far away NCHS football game. We went in Jerry’s car, and he drove. He claimed he knew a short cut off of the Interstate because many years ago he knew this area; but needless to say, we ended up driving
    some pitch black dark dirt country roads. There was no civilization for seemed like hundreds of miles. We all had a good laugh out of it once we reached our destination!

  25. What I always loved about Mr. Day was that he was a fair man. He was the best principle I ever had he would always want to know both says the story before anything else and as I said he was always a fair man.

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