Making Your Service Unique

Formal doesn’t have to mean stuffy or uncomfortable. Traditional doesn’t have to mean indistinguishable. A memorial service can be filled with laughter as well as tears.

Each memorial service or funeral should have elements that celebrate the unique accomplishments, hobbies, likes and personality of the departed. The Directors at Darst Funeral Home will help you customize every aspect of your service to best remember your family member. Here aare just a few examples of ways you can personalize a memorial:

  • Music – Live music? Classical music? The Beatles? Music is one of the easiest ways to add a little bit of someone’s personality to their service.
  • Decor – Flowers, of course,,are a beautiful, traditional option. If you do not provide instructions otherwise, well-wishers often send arrangements to brighten up the space. We also reccomend that you bring framed family photos and mementos that we will arrange for you. His golf clubs or fishing poles, for example, or her favorite dancing shoes. You can take the mementos and photos back home with you afterwards, but having objects that were special to the person adds such a special feeling.
  • Location –  Often, families choose to have a visitation, commonly at the funeral home, and then a formal service either at a place of worship or at the funeral home. Some families also choose to have a service at the graveside. When we founded Darst Funeral Home, we wanted to provide another unique option in our peaceful garden. We are equipped to have any portion or even a full service, including a viewing, outdoors surrounded by butterflies or under the stars. We’ve filled the garden with benches, fountains, swings, and even an outdoor kitchen and covered porch to accomodate catering.