Church or Chapel Service

Church or Chapel Funeral Service

Houston Funeral Services with Burial

  • Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
    • Overhead & Utilities
    • Sheltering & Care of Decedent
    • Arrangement Meeting
    • Coordinating and Filing of Death Certificate
    • Retrieval of Mandatory Permits
    • Coordination with Other Parties
    • 24-Hour Availability of Funeral Director and/or Staff
    • Advisement and Assistance in Personalization of Merchandise and Services
  • Use of Facilities and/or Staff for Visitation Service *
  • Funeral Ceremony or Celebration of Life Service *
  • Embalming
  • Dressing and Casketing
  • Basic Hair-Styling and Cosmetology
  • Transfer of Deceased from Place of Death into Our Care
  • Transfer of Deceased to Location of Service
  • Funeral Coach (Hearse) *per 3 hours
  • Service Vehicle *per 3 hours
  • Flower Allowance – Casket Spray
  • Service Records (100 Standard Records)
  • Memorial Register Book

This package does not include a casket.
This package does not include the cemetery property or cemetery charges.
Ask your funeral professional about available cemetery property in your area and
casket options for a more specific package cost or estimate.
* There are additional charges for services outside of Darst Funeral Home facilities, for weekends, holidays, evening hours and for extended service times.

For additional services to make your families experience unique, please feel free to discuss with your funeral director.

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